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ARX Systems is owned and run by Audio Engineers with over 100+ years combined experience in our industry. So, because we use the products as well as design them, we understand the needs of Audio Professionals, whether they work in the area of Installation, Sound Reinforcement, Studio or Broadcast.                                                           
ZoneMIXX - Multimedia ZoneMixer

     Has Wireless audio, USB and MiniJack inputs!
     Plus 2 x Balanced XLR Mic Inputs
     Plus a stereo Line In channel
     Plus all inputs can be switched to Stereo Zone 1 or 2, or Both
     User-friendly intuitive layout, in 1 RU package
     Flawless performance in any audio environment


New ARX Dante™ NetSPLIT

In Dante™ mode it will extract 2 channels of digital audio from the network
via a RJ45 Ethernet input, and split them to 2 channels of 1:4 splitter

In Analog mode it can take 2 channels of Analog audio,
and split them into 2 channels of 1:4 splitter

New Network DI Dante™ Network Audio Interface

 The new Network DI from ARX is an analog breakout box
using the popular Dante™ network protocol to extract audio
from a network and convert it to Transformer isolated analog
audio, suitable for connecting to mixing consoles and
other devices requiring an analog source.

Blue DI
WIRELESS Media Active Direct Box
The Professional wireless audio interface for SmartPhones, Computers and Tablets

In Stock!
USB DI Plus is ARX's 'Second Generation' USB DI
The first with Dual Mode audio interface - Digital and Analog


In Stock!
Transformer isolated one input to three outputs passive splitter

In Stock!
Stereo Output selector. Front panel push switch silently switches a pair of
female XLR inputs to either of two pairs of XLR male output connectors


MSX 32 Blue

New and Improved!
8 Inputs, 32 Split Outputs

IB-4 Iso-Balancer DI
Transformer Balanced Direct Box

The IB-4 Iso-Balancer DI features inputs for almost any stereo device.
Stereo 1/4" Jacks, Stereo RCA and Stereo Mini Jack Inputs
to professional Transformer Balanced XLR Outputs
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ABS-1 Iso-Switcher
Balanced XLR A/B Switcher

Two DJ's or two mixing consoles, one sound system?
The ABS-1 Iso-Switcher makes it a one switch change over.
Front panel push button switch silently switches between
two pairs of A or B female XLR inputs to a
stereo pair of XLR male output connectors.
ARX ‘SoftSwitch’ technology achieves this with no loud
thumps through the audio system when switching.
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Now In Stock!

Dual Channel Broadcast Standard USB Audio Interface
With 24 bit High Resolution ADC & DAC's.
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8 channel High Current Line Driver / Distribution Amplifier
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BSX 16
Transformer Isolated Active Broadcast Splitter
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MSX 12
4 in, 12 Out ISO-Transformer Microphone/Line Splitter
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